Consulting Services

HOU has provided quality consulting services to organizations across the United States. We tailor our consulting expertise to fit the needs of each new project that comes our way and offer services in the following areas:

HOU provides relocation consulting services to housing authorities, developers and other ownership entities regarding the application of governing relocation regulations, development of relocation plans, and other needed relocation technical assistance.  Many owners have sought out the expertise of HOU's Relocation staff when planning for the redevelopment of a property.

At a number of developments in which HOU is the resident services provider, HOU assists owners, residents, and developers to evaluate existing social service providers and creates plans for community centers that best suits the needs of the residents and the surrounding community. HOU has been actively involved in conducting service provider evaluations, community needs assessments, and focus groups to identify services and programs needed by residents. Frequently, HOU staff will facilitate Resident Services Committees, which meet regularly to discuss ongoing and evolving resident needs as well as community center program planning.

HOU served as the HOPE VI evaluator for the Danville Housing Authority’s CSS Program at Liberty View/Fairview Hills in Danville, VA. In this capacity, HOU assessed the Danville Housing Authority’s progress in meeting goals around case management, career development, educational enhancement, homeownership, relocation, economic impact and leverage resources, as set forth in their HOPE VI CSS work plan.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited has a philosophical commitment to helping residents take an active part in the redevelopment of their communities. As part of our work on major redevelopment projects across the country, we have helped community-based organizations build their capacity, raise funds, administer grants, and develop strategic plans for long-term sustainability.

HOU has led numerous strategic planning projects related to the implementation of comprehensive community and supportive service programs. We have developed HUD-approved Community and Supportive Services Work plans for six public housing communities in transition due to major redevelopment.