Hope VI / Case Management

HOU began providing these HOPE VI-related services in 1994, initially consulting with the Indianapolis Housing Authority through assistance with resident relations and the development of a Community Development and Self-Sufficiency Plan.

Since 1996, HOU has provided on-site community and supportive service implementation at several HOPE VI sites. Activities include implementing case management and career development programs, Section 3 compliance programs, handling management and security referrals, fundraising, developing on-site computer centers and coordinating and monitoring area service providers. HOU has also provided customized training, capacity building and fundraising services for HOPE VI resident councils. In addition, HOU acted as the HOPE VI evaluator in Danville, VA.

On a consulting basis, HOU developed HUD-approved CSS Work plans for Allequippa Terrace in Pittsburgh, Southfield Village in Stamford, CT, Broadway Homes in Baltimore, MD, East Capitol Dwellings in Washington, DC, Rockwell Gardens in Chicago and Arthur Capper Carrollsburg in Washington DC. HOU has also written the CSS portion of the successfully funded HOPE VI application for Southfield Village and collaborated on HOPE VI applications in Yonkers, NY and Chicago Heights, IL. HOU has provided the overall administration of the CSS programs associated with the Allequippa Terrace, Southfield Village and Broadway Homes HOPE VI projects.


Serving Non-HOPE VI Mixed-Income Communities

Even before the advent of the HOPE VI program, HOU was involved in the successful transition of a number of severely distressed assisted housing developments into mixed-income communities. HOU worked to ensure resident participation in the redevelopment efforts and provided the necessary support to residents of the original developments in order to make their return to the newly redeveloped property a reality through the implementation their Case Management Programs.

HOU traditionally develops programs that fill gaps in the existing social service network and enhance existing services for affected residents. HOU works with area service providers to coordinate on-site programs so as to avoid duplication of services and resources as well as to effectively integrate any new programs into the existing network of providers. HOU works diligently to ensure that residents receive services at little or no costs. In addition, programs must include methods for on-going evaluation to ensure resident access to services and that services continue to meet evolving community needs.

HOU’s Case Management system meets residents where they are and develops individualized service plans based on a comprehensive assessment of assets, needs and risks. HOU seeks to connect residents to relevant resources, support an effective connection between residents and service providers, and provide the follow-up and encouragement that is essential for ensuring sustainable progress toward self-sufficiency. HOU creatively inspires resident success through the following:

- Service Plan Development
- Support Service Recommendations and Referrals for Supportive Services
- Employment and Training Referrals
- Employment Placement
- Post-Placement Job Retention Services
- Youth Recreation, Education and Employment Services
- Self-Sufficiency Workshops
*For a detailed list of HOU’s accomplishments, please download HOU’s Statement of Corporate Capabilities >>> Download