Resident Services

HOU’s Resident Services programs positively affect the preservation of newly developed and currently established assisted and mixed-income communities across the country. All of the communities in which we have been involved continue to be the kind of quality communities envisioned by those that built them.

Resident Services play a critical role in the success of communities by providing staff who work closely with property management staff and resident councils, and who act as a connector between residents, management staff, and area social services. In short, Resident Services is the bond that holds communities together and provides quality services in the following areas:

- Case Management / Social Services Coordination
- Educational and Recreational Programming
- Social Service Provider Coordination and Review
- Establishing and Fostering Community Standards
- Eviction Prevention / Resident Advocacy
- Employment and Training Services
- Community Development

HOU's Work with Residents in Area of Lease Compliance focuses upon:

- Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Standards
- Rent Arrearages
- Eviction Advocacy
- Section 8 Re-certifications
- Annual Unit Inspections
- Addressing Public Safety Concerns and Reports

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Harbor Point on the Bay
Boston, MA

HOU has provided both relocation and resident services support to Harbor Point on the Bay since 1985. This 1,283-unit mixed-income property is located in the heart of Boston and has benefitted from HOU’s expertise in community development, resident advocacy, and social service coordination. HOU collaborated tirelessly with both the residents and the ownership through all phases of redevelopment and also provided invaluable consulting services in the development of the Resident Board of Directors, now known as the Harbor Point Community Task Force—co-owners of Harbor Point on the Bay. HOU routinely assists residents in the following areas: conflict mediation, resident advocacy, expert social services coordination, employment and educational assistance, accessing charitable monies, furniture, and food donations, elderly advocacy and programming, and a host of youth-oriented services and programs. HOU’s intervention strategies with at-risk individuals and families have helped Harbor Point become a thriving and cohesive community that has become a benchmark for properties all over the country.





Oak Hill

Pittsburgh, PA

HOU provides direct service to the residents in the Oak Hill community and works closely with both Management and residents in areas such as pre-move-in inspections, new-move-in welcome visits, response to management referrals such as late rent, housekeeping concerns, and disorderly conduct. Additionally, HOU responds to security reports, initiates direct contact with residents via initial and follow-up home, telephone, and office visits, resident referrals for employment and education assistance, and acts as a liaison between the residents we support and area social service agencies. HOU strives to promote self-sufficiency and a healthy community environment for all residents of Oak Hill.





Townhomes on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC

HOU was selected by the Townhomes on Capitol Hill’s Board of Directors to provide services to support the members of this cooperative housing development located in the heart of Washington, DC. Regular on-site programs for adults include workshops in the areas of art, basic computer skills, financial management, health, nutrition, and weekly exercise classes. Additionally, HOU plans family trips, holiday celebrations, movie nights, and informational sessions as needed. The site has a library, managed by the Southeast Public Library, where visitors can browse and enjoy on-site reading or borrow books, and a Business Center with internet–ready computers. Residents also take advantage of our free faxing, photocopying, resume development, and job searching services. HOU also provides basic computer skills classes and software training as a part of our job search services. The Family Support Program sponsors a weekly Parent Support Group for all interested residents. As always, HOU’s site staff strive to develop resources and link the residents we support to any appropriate services that will assist with individual and family needs.




Elderly Supports

HOU’s comprehensive Elderly Supports Program was born of a need we identified in the various properties in which we are involved. As healthcare continues to improve in the United States, many people can anticipate living beyond the age of 70 and into their 80’s and 90’s, continuing to enjoy an extended and productive life. Our services include arranging for home care, Meals on Wheels, case management, transportation assistance, connections to legal services, resident advocacy, assistance with Medicare, and well-being checks, to name a few. Connecting our seniors to local and state social services and assistance programs is the key to our success. All of HOU’s Elderly Supports Services are intended to assist seniors to live as independently as possible in safety and with dignity. In addition to health and well-being interventions, HOU also designs a wide range of educational and recreational activities including monthly senior coffee hours, monthly birthday celebrations, informational speakers, volunteer opportunities, and off-site trips such as apple picking, shopping trips, and theater outings.




Residences at Governor’s Square
Harrisburgh, PA
2003 - 2012

In 2003, HOU was hired to perform relocation services at Maclay Street Apartments, what is now the Residences at Governor’s Square. After successfully relocating the original Maclay residents, HOU was contracted to provide resident services to this 222 unit affordable housing community located in Harrisburg, PA. Today, HOU continues to serve Governor’s Square families by providing the highest quality resident services. HOU’s talented staff is committed to working closely with both the Management office and the residents to effectively identify at-risk households in the interests of connecting them with services that will preserve their tenancy. The Resident Services team at Governor’s Square places a heavy emphasis on resident advocacy while striving to provide the residents the tools they need to empower them to reach their goals on a personal level as well as with their tenancy.





Hilltop Apartments
Duquesne, PA
2003 - 2010

HOU has provided resident services to the Hilltop Apartments community since 2003 and has had a very positive impact on the property during this tenure. This talented team promotes and encourages the families they support to strive for self-sufficiency by helping them to access educational and employment opportunities, area social services, and by developing attainable goals for all family members. HOU works closely with Management at this property by responding to both Management and resident referrals in areas such as late rent, housekeeping, disorderly conduct, and other lease violations, and following up on security reports. HOU strives to welcome each new family to the property when they move in, effectively establishing a rapport with the residents and setting the stage for a good working relationship and area social services connections. Additionally, HOU offers employment and educational assistance, area social services connection, an on-site food pantry and computer lab, and a wide range of after school and summer youth programs.




Southwood Square
Stamford, CT
1997 - 2009

HOU provided both relocation and resident services to Southwood Square—a mixed-income development located in Stamford, Connecticut—from 1997-2009. What started out as a troubled project known as Southfield Village has become a thriving and connected community where home ownership became a reality. HOU offered comprehensive resident services and worked closely with both the Management office and the resident council, advocated for residents, and helped individuals in the community to meet their personal goals. Whether educational, employment, or financial, HOU’s staff at Southwood Square used their knowledge of area social services resources to assist each resident in becoming a valued and contributing member of their community. HOU assisted Management in the completion of annual inspections, followed up on security reports as they were generated, and addressed a wide variety of lease violations as a way to preserve tenancy.




Bay Ridge Apartments
Annapolis, MD
1999 - 2010

HOU served the Bay Ridge community from 1999 - 2010. In an effort to aid the residents in becoming more self-sufficient, HOU provided a host of programming that included career preparation and employment searching, resume and cover letter design, financial literacy and skills training, and Microsoft Office 2007 certification. Additionally, HOU offered a variety of other programming geared specifically to the needs and desires of the residents we supported including conflict mediation, housekeeping training, resident advocacy, childcare search assistance, and financial services. HOU also offered youth-focused activities such as an after-school program, monthly birthday celebrations, and summer camp opportunities.







Circle Terrace Apartments
Baltimore, MD
1999 - 2010

HOU at Circle Terrace Apartments served over 300 low-income households that were previously isolated from the surrounding metropolitan Baltimore area. On-site computer center services and effective resource development in the local area allowed our Resident Services staff to offer supports to both on-site residents and non-residents who enrolled in HOU's regular workshops and classes. HOU's case management and resident advocacy services both supported lease compliance and provided a path toward greater self-sufficiency for Circle Terrace residents. Young people at Circle Terrace Apartments enjoyed daily afterschool activities and summer-time field trips to area attractions, all of which were arranged and facilitated by HOU's Resident Services staff.