Statement of Experience and Corporate Capabilities

Housing Opportunities Unlimited (HOU), a privately-held company, has been providing relocation assistance and direct resident services in public and subsidized housing as well as consulting assistance to housing entities for over thirty-four years.  The company works in a diverse range of low- and mixed-income communities, and specializes in assisting communities that are in transition due to major redevelopment.

HOU’s clients include PHAs, private developers, management firms, investors and resident organizations.  HOU’s projects have included providing relocation implementation, community and supportive services and/or consulting assistance at over 170 sites in eighteen states and the District of Columbia, including sixteen HOPE VI-funded projects.  HOU provides a wide-range of services including:

  • Large-scale Relocation Planning and Implementation, including Housing Choice Voucher Program Implementation
  • CNI & HOPE VI CSS Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • On-site Case Management & Resident Service Coordination (including elder services)
  • Section 3 and M/WBE Participation Compliance Oversight
  • Community Needs Assessment, Social Service Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Resident Council Training and Resident Leadership Development
  • Youth Development Services
  • Family Self-Sufficiency/Welfare-to-Work Program Development

HOU has a national reputation for its support service and community building programs, receiving many awards, including the Rudy Bruner Award for Excellence in the Urban Environment, the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) National Award for Merit, the HUD Community Development Award for National Excellence and 3 HUD Best Practice Awards

Selected Client List

  • Housing Authorities: Washington DC, Pittsburgh PA, Boston MA, Springfield, MA, Hartford CT, Norwalk, CT, Holyoke, MA, Newark NJ, Pawtucket, RI, Seattle WA, Portland OR, Danville VA, Houston TX, Richmond, CA, New Haven CT, Paterson NJ, Newport RI, Chester PA
  • Jonathan Rose Companies
  • AHC, Inc.
  • Mayor’s Office of the District of Columbia
  • Winn Development
  • The Community Builders, Inc.
  • Preservation of Affordable Housing
  • McCormack Baron Salazar
  • Pinnacle Development Co.
  • The NHP Foundation
  • Trinity Financial
  • TAG Associates
  • Corcoran Jennison Companies
  • Related Midwest
  • Just-A-Start Corporation
  • Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly
  • Pennrose Development
  • Struever Bros., Eccles & Rouse
  • Alexandria Housing Development Corp.
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
  • Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
  • East Lake Management & Development Corporation
  • Gilmore Kean LLC
  • East Capitol View CDC
  • Mission First Development

The following is a list of HOU’s past and current projects.

Relocation Consultation and Implementation

HOU plans and carries out the relocation of residents who must move temporarily or permanently as a result of a change in ownership or the renovation of a property.  It is our mission to ensure that residents are treated fairly and experience minimum physical and emotional stress during the relocation process.  We have provide relocation services and all needed technical assistance as part of larger resident service programs as well as under independent contracts.  HOU has permanently relocated over 16,000 households in connection with major revitalization efforts at the following developments:

View Projects
Location Units Date
Clippership Apartments (Boston, MA) 20 units 2017-present
Old Colony Phase III (Boston, MA) 455 units 2017-present
Whittier Street CNI (Boston, MA) 200 units 2016-present
Marble Street Apts. (Springfield, MA) (●) 47 units 2016-present
Clarendon Hill (Somerville, MA) 216 units 2016-present
Innes Apartments (Chelsea, MA) 96 units 2016-present
Charlestown (Boston, MA) 1,100 units 2016-present
Orient Heights (Boston, MA) 331 units 2016-present
Sursum Corda (Washington, DC) 199 units 2015-present
Hale/Shiloh (Cincinnati, OH) 25 units 2016-2017
Randolph Houses (Harlem, NY) 115 units 2015-2016
Riverside Apartments, Ansonia, CT 56 units 2015-2016
John Knox Homes, Neptune, NJ 50 units 2013-2016
Park Holm, Newport, RI 45 units 2013
Houston Housing Authority, Houston, TX Authority-
Mass Place, Washington, DC 160 units 2013
Sanderson Village, Gulfport, MS 80 units 2013
Charlesview Apartments, Allston, MA 213 units 2012-2013
Westbrook Village & Chester Bowles Park 350 units 2012-2013
Neighborhood Renaissance, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL 15 units 2012
Old Colony Phase Two, Boston, MA 224 units 2011-2016
Old Colony Phase One, Boston, MA 150 units 2009-2012
Washington Beech, Boston, MA*** 255 units 2008-2012
Rutland Housing Authority, Rutland, VT (●) Citywide 2010-2011
William T. Rowe Apts, New Haven, CT 50 units 2010-2011
CIH Properties, Washington, DC**** 2010-2011
Hoffman Pavilion, New Brunswick, NJ 44 units 2010-2011
Oak Ridge, Tarpon Springs, FL 14 units 2010-2011
Windham House, Willimantic, CT 57 units 2009-2011
Baxter Terrace, Newark, NJ 323 units 2008-2010
Felix Fuld, Newark, NJ 206 units 2008-2010
Shoreline Apartments, Buffalo, NY(●) 40 units 2008-2010
District Alliance for Safe Housing, Washington, DC 51 units 2008
Alexander Hamilton, Paterson, NJ* 314 units 2007-2008
Temple Courts, Washington, DC 190 units 2007-2008
Langston Lane Apts., Washington, DC 200 units 2007-2008
Knox St. Apartments, Albany, NY 50 units 2007
SRO Housing, Easthampton, MA 15 units 2006-2008
Franklin Hill, Boston, MA 340 units 2005-2010
Golden Rule Center, Washington, DC 27 units 2005-2008
Oak St. and Stadium, Washington, DC * 44 units 2005-2008
Blanche Ely Estates, Pompano, FL 90 units 2005-2007
Mon Valley Initiative, Mon Valley, PA Regional 2004-2007
New Haven Housing Authority, CT 40 units 2004-2005
Jasmine Courts, Clearwater, FL 200 units 2004-2005
Dutch Point, Hartford, CT*** 150 units 2004-2005
Crystal Lake, Hollywood, FL 200 units 2005
Salem Harbor CDC, Salem, MA(●) 60 units 2004
Maclay Apartments, Harrisburg, PA 137 units 2003-2004
Columbia Villa, Portland, OR(●) 400 units 2003-2004***
SANA/NHAH, Hartford, CT 337 units 2003-2004
Maverick Gardens, Boston, MA*** 382+ units 2002-2006
Easter Hill, Richmond, CA*** 189 units 2002-2003
Rainbow Terrace, Cleveland, OH 265 units 2001-2003
Pequonnock Apartments, Bridgeport, CT** 189 units 2001-2002
Rainier Vista, Seattle, WA*** 290 units 2000-2002
Washington, DC Relocation (DCHA) 1999-2010
  • East Capitol Dwellings***
725 units*
  • Capitol View Senior Relocation
218 units
  • Capitol Gateway Senior Re-Occupancy
151 units
  • Capitol Gateway Family Re-Occupancy
  • Stanton Dwellings***
352 units*
  • Henson Ridge Re-Occupancy Phase I Rental
84 units
  • Henson Ridge Re-Occupancy Homeownership
  • Henson Ridge Re-Occupancy Phase II Rental
  • Arthur Capper Carrollsburg*** (Phases I-III)
405 units*
  • Arthur Capper Senior
200 units
Elm Haven, New Haven, CT*** 165 units 1999-2002
Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD 168 units 1999-2000
Southfield Village, Stamford, CT*** 224 units 1998-2006
Allequippa Terrace, Pittsburgh, PA*** 800+ units 1997-2002
Villages at Marley Station, Glen Burnie, MD 290 units 1995-1996
Orient Heights, East Boston, MA 220 units 1991-1993
West Broadway, South Boston, MA 50 units 1989-1990
Harbor Point, Boston, MA 356 units 1988-1990
Villages at Montpelier, Laurel, MD 100 units 1982-1983
Quaker Meadows, Lynn, MA 90 units 1981-1982
*Includes conducting Section 8 HQS inspections
**Includes the administration of 189 HCVP vouchers
***Hope VI Developments
****Relocation mobility counseling on as-needed basis
(●)Technical assistance only

HOU has built its Expertise as a result of its Experience Implementing Large-Short-Term Relocation and Occupied Rehab Programs, also known as “Renovation-in-Place Programs” under Strict Timeframes.

For developments undertaking unit renovations, HOU has facilitated temporary on- or off-site relocation as well as worked with households experiencing “tenant-in-place” unit renovations.  HOU has conducted relocation surveys with impacted households; undertaken advance planning for households with special needs; worked closely with construction and management in developing and implementing a relocation schedule; identified off-site temporary relocation units and ensured uninterrupted social service provision to households while temporarily relocated.   HOU has been involved in temporary relocation or occupied rehab at the following sites:

View Projects
Location Units Date
Southeast Towers (Rochester, NY) 376 units 2018-present
The Carlin (Arlington, VA) 162 units 2018-present
316 Park Terrace (Hartford, CT) 24 units 2018-present
Park Terrace II (Hartford, CT) 68 units 2018-present
Colonial Village West (Arlington VA) 70 units 2018-present
Mark Twain Hotel (Chicago, IL) 128 units
Amory Street (Boston, MA) 200 units 2018-present
Takoma Place Apts. (Washington, DC) 80 units 2018-present
Westbrook Village (Hartford, CT) 90 units 2017-present
Wellington Community (Worcester, MA) 2017-present
Lenox Apartments (Boston, MA) 285 units 2017-present
Camden Apartments (Boston, MA) 72 units 2017-present
Lafayette Apartments (Alexandria, VA) 77 units 2017-present
Hedin House (Washington, DC) 48 units 2017-present
York Street (Hartford, CT) 9 units 2017-present
Brookpark Place (Wheeling, WV) 151 units 2017-present
Housing Authority of Cook County RAD Relocation (Chicago, IL) 2017-present
  • Turlington West
150 units
  • Edward Brown
225 units
  • Juniper Tower
106 units
  • Golden Towers I & II
10 units
  • Richard Flowers Home
8 units
Village Center (Detroit, MI) 254 units 2017-present
Burton Place (Burton, MI) 200 units 2017-present
Prospect Heights I (Pawtucket, RI) 101 units 2017-present
Coulter Court (Aurora, IL) 38 units 2017-present
Berkeley I & II (Arlington, VA) 138 units 2017-present
Just-A-Start Scattered Sites (Cambridge, MA) 96 units 2017-present
Lyman Terrace II (Holyoke, MA) 72 units 2017-present
Benning Heights (Washington, DC) 148 units 2017-present
Glen Arms (Washington, DC) 64 units 2017-present
Commodore Place Apts. (Cleveland, OH) 198 units 2016-present
Millport Phase II (New Canaan, CT) 21 units 2016-present
Civic Towers (Miami, FL) 196 units 2016-present
Crawford Square (Pittsburgh,PA) 348 units 2016-present
TM Alexander (Miami, FL) 151 units 2016-present
Golda Meir House (Newton, MA) 199 units 2016-present
Jamaica Plain NDC Scattered Sites (Boston, MA) 219 units 2016-present
Genesis House (Boston, MA) 209 units 2016-present
Clarendon Court (Arlington, VA) 103 units 2015-present
Cobbet Hills (Lynn, MA) 125 units 2015-present
Lyman Terrace I (Holyoke, MA) 88 units 2015-present
Art Place at Fort Totten (Washington, DC) 100 units 2014-present
Parkside & Temple Pines (North Haven, CT) 70 units 2017
Schoolhouse Apartments (Waterbury, CT) 213 units 2016-2018
Belle Diamond (Norfolk, VA) 128 units 2016-2017
Squire Village (Manchester, CT) 374 units 2016-2017
Over the Rhine (Cincinnati, OH) 39 units 2016
Cedars of Chili (Rochester, NY) 320 units 2015-2017
Atlantic Terrace/Atlantic Gardens (Washington, DC) 303 units 2015-2017
402 Rindge Avenue (Cambridge, MA) 273 units 2015-2017
Bridge over Troubled Waters (Boston, MA) 2015-2016
Indian Trails (Malone, NY) 128 units 2015-2016
Lincoln Woods (Lincoln, MA) 125 units 2015-2016
Mill Valley (Amherst, MA) 74 units 2015-2016
Kensington Square I (New Haven, CT) 120 units 2015-2016
Marshall Field Gardens (Chicago, IL) 628 units 2015-2016
King’s Tower (Cincinnati, OH) 34 units 2015-2016
Chauncy House (Boston, MA) 88 units 2015-2016
1315 Clifton Street (Washington, DC) 31 units 2015
Warner/Davis Gardens I & II (Waterbury, CT) 69 units 2014-2017
Leyden Woods (Greenfield, MA ) 200 units 2014-2017
Avondale Apartments (Cincinnati, OH) 192 units 2014-2016
CommGlen (Allston, MA) 235 units 2014-2016
Smith Towers (Hartford, CT) 36 units 2014-2016
Marlborough Apartments (Baltimore, MD) 227 units 2014-2016
Cornerstone Apartments (Chicago, IL) 45 units 2014-2015
Watertown Crossings (Waterbury, CT) 108 units 2014-2015
MD Fox Manor (Hartford, CT) 100 units 2014-2015
Breslyn House (Philadelphia, PA) 60 units 2013-2015
New England Center for HomelessVeterans (Boston, MA) (●) 317 units 2013-2014
Historic South End Apartments (Boston, MA) 146 units 2013-2014
Alexandria Housing Development Corp.  (Alexandria, VA) 119 units 2013-2014
Dutton Heights (Bristol, CT)* 84 units 2012-2014
Bayview Towers (Stamford, CT ) 200 units 2012-2013
Joseph’s (New York City, NY) (●) 54 units 2013
Horace Bushnell (Hartford, CT) 35+ units 2012-2013
Stephens Terrace Apts. (Chicago, IL) 261 units 2011-2014
Sigourney Mews, Hartford, CT (●) 78 units 2011-2012
Huntington Woods (Bristol, CT) 280 units 2011-2012
Mary Ellen McCormack (Boston, MA)
  • Phase I
804 units 2009-2012
  • Phase II
152 units 2010-2012
Gibson Plaza (Washington, DC) 240 units 2010-2011
Briarcliff (New London, CT) 125 units 2010-2011
Bateswoods (New London, CT) 106 units 2010-2011
Fairhills (Richmond, VA) 209 units 2010-2011
Charlestown (Boston, MA)
  • Phase I
839 units 2009-2011
  • Phase II
201 units 2010-2011
Golden Rule Apartments (Washington, DC) 164 units 2006-2008
Vesta (Eastern CT) (600 units) 600 units 2003-2005

Relocation Plans

A number of clients have sought HOU’s expertise in drafting relocation plans to submit to their funders.

View Projects
  • McCormack Baron Salazar:
    • Crawford Square (Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Clarendon Court (Arlington, VA)
  • Pennrose Properties: Crest Manor (Montgomery County, Maryland)
  • Boston Housing Authority:
    • Orient Heights (East Boston, MA)
    • Whittier Street (Boston, MA)
    • Old Colony Phase III (Boston, MA)
  • Springfield Housing Authority: Marble Street Apts. (Springfield, MA)
  • Security Properties: Glen Arms and Hedin House (Washington, DC)
  • MED Development: 3500 Minnesota Avenue & 1741 28th Street (Washington, DC)
  • Mid Bronx Desperadoes (MBD) Community Housing Corporation: 1490 Crotona Park East (New York, NY)
  • Corcoran Jennison Companies & SunCal, Inc: Charlestown development (Boston, MA)
  • Jonathan Rose Companies:
    • Millport Apartments (New Canaan, CT)
    • Squire Village (Manchester, CT)
  • Preservation of Affordable Housing: Clarendon Hill (Somerville, MA)
  • Retirement Housing Foundation: The Carlin Apartments (Arlington, VA)
  • Just A Start Corporation:
    • 402 Rindge Avenue (Cambridge, MA)
    • Scattered Sites (Cambridge, MA)
  • Beacon Community Services, LLC:
    • Parkside Village I (Branford, CT)
    • Camden Apartments (Boston, MA)
  • Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly:
    • Genesis House (Boston, MA)
    • Golda Meir House (Newton, MA)
  • Winn Development:
    • Cedars of Chili (Chili, NY)
    • Breslyn House (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Huntington Woods (Bristol, CT)
    • Watertown Crossings (Waterbury, CT)
    • Atlantic Terrace & Atlantic Gardens (Washington, DC)
    • Cobbet Hills Apartments (Lynn, MA)
    • Schoolhouse Apartments
  • The Community Builders:
    • Amory Street Apartments (Boston, MA)
    • Lyman Terrace I & Lyman Terrace II (Holyoke, MA)
    • Coulter Court (Aurora, IL)
    • Chauncy House (Boston, MA)
    • Avondale Apartments (Cincinnati, OH)
    • Historic South End Apartments (Boston, MA)
    • Leyden Woods (Greenfield, MA)
  • Pinck and Company: New England Center for Homeless Veterans (Boston, MA)
  • Norwalk Housing Authority: Washington Village (Norwalk, CT)
  • North Haven Housing Authority: Parkside Village and Temple Pines (North Haven, CT)
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Boston, MA)
  • Topsfield Housing Authority: Littlebrook Village (Topsfield MA)
  • Alexandria Housing Development Corporation: Trilogy (Alexandria, VA)
  • PRC Group: John Knox Homes (Neptune, NJ)
  • TAG Associates: Blanche Ely Estates (Pompano, FL)
  • Houston Housing Authority: Wilmington House (Houston, TX)
  • Carabetta Companies
    • Dutton Heights (Bristol, CT)
    • Bateswoods & Briarcliff Apts. (New London, CT)
  • NHP Foundation: Bayview Towers (Stamford, CT)
  • Catholic Charities Progress of Peoples (POP): Caring Communities (New York, NY)
  • South Mississippi Housing and Development Corporation: Sanderson Village (Gulfport, MS)
  • Sheldon Oak Central, Inc.: Horace Bushnell (Hartford, CT)
  • Vesta Corp.: Rainbow Terrace (Cleveland, OH)
  • DASH Properties, LLC: 1835 3rd St NE
  • Seattle Housing Authority: Rainier Vista (Seattle, WA)
  • Portland Housing Authority: Columbia Villa (Portland, OR)
  • Beacon/Corcoran-Jennison: Southfield Village (Stamford, CT)

CNI & HOPE VI CSS Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

HOU has provided CNI and HOPE VI CSS planning, implementation, and evaluation services from application-writing through project completion.  HOU first provided HOPE VI-related planning assistance for the Indianapolis Housing Authority in 1994.  Since then, HOU has developed HUD-approved CSS Workplans for 6 redevelopment efforts.  HOU has also written the CSS portion of the successfully funded HOPE VI application for Southfield Village, collaborated on HOPE VI applications in Yonkers, NY and Chicago Heights, IL and served as the HOPE VI evaluator in Danville, VA.  HOU has also provided customized training, capacity building and fundraising services for HOPE VI resident councils.

HOU provides CSS implementation, including case management and family self-sufficiency support, Section 3 compliance programs; neighborhood economic development, fundraising and coordinating/monitoring service providers, at the following CNI/HOPE VI developments:

View Projects
Location Date
Ledbetter, Allandale and West Edge Shreveport CNI, Shreveport, LA 2016-present
Sparkman Homes CNI, Huntsville, AL 2016-present
Washington Village CNI, Norwalk, CT 2014-present
Ellen Wilson to Town Homes on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC 1999-present
Allequippa Terrace to Oak Hill Apartments, Pittsburgh, PA 1996-present
Chester Housing Authority, Chester, PA 2010
Washington Beech to Washington Beech Gardens, Boston, MA 2008-2013
Manchester, Manchester PA 2008-2013
Wheeler Creek, Washington, DC 2006-2011
Henson Ridge, Washington, DC 2006-2011
Maverick Gardens to Maverick Landing, Boston, MA 2005-2006
The Townes at the Terraces, Baltimore, MD 2005-2006
Liberty View to Fairview Hills, Danville, VA 2002-2008
Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg, Washington, DC 2002
Shore Park/Shore Terrace, Atlantic City, NJ 2002
Rockwell Gardens, Chicago, IL 2001-2002
East Capitol Dwellings, Washington, DC 2001-2002
Broadway Homes to Broadway Overlook, Baltimore, MD 2000-2005
Elm Haven to Monterey Apartments, New Haven, CT 1998-2003
Elm Haven to Monterey Apartments, New Haven, CT 1998-2003
Concord Village/Eagle Creek, Indianapolis, IN 1994

On-Site Case Management and Resident Services in Multifamily and Elderly Mixed-Income and Tax Credit Housing

HOU works in cooperation with management and residents to address community issues and lease violations in order to improve residents’ quality of life and prevent unnecessary evictions.  On-site resident service coordination encompasses the development, coordination and monitoring of educational and recreational programs for youth and/or the elderly, access to jobs and training programs, and systems for responding to management referrals.

View Projects
Location Units Date
Charlestown Youth Outreach 479 units 2017-present
Silver Spring Library Residential Program, Silver Spring, MD 129 units 2015-present
Ranier Manor, Mt. Rainer, MD 100 units 2014-present
Corcoran Jennison Elderly Sites, Greater Boston, MA 8 units 2012-present
Lime Kiln Manor, Mt. Pocono, PA 40 units 2010-present
Park Morton, Washington, DC 159 units 2010-present
Temple Courts, Washington, DC 190 units 2007-present
Harbor Point, Boston, MA 1,283 units 1984-present
Villages at Marley Station, Glen Burnie, MD 757 units 1996-2014
Old Town Commons, Alexandria, VA 150 units 2012-2014
Healthy Section 8 and Affordable Housing Demonstration Project, Boston, MA 75 units 2010-2012
Pittsburgh Housing Authority Healthy Homes Citywide 2008-2009
National Temple III, Philadelphia, PA 126 units 2004-2006
Riverfront Townhomes, Baltimore, MD 126 units 2001-2007
Townes at the Terraces, Baltimore, MD 220 units 2004-2005
Residences at Governor’s Square, Harrisburg, PA 137 units 2003-2012
Hilltop, Duquesne, PA 152 units 2003-2010
SANA Apartments, Hartford, CT 269 units 2003-2005
Southford Park, Waterbury, CT 212 units 2003-2004
Redstone Apartments, Bristol, CT 132 units 2003-2004
Redstone Apartments, Bristol, CT 132 units 2003-2004
Greenspring Overlook, Baltimore, MD 189 units 2002-2004
Hilltop Village, Jacksonville, FL 200 units 2002-2004
Hillside Park Apartments, Baltimore, MD 94 units 2001-2004
Circle Terrace Apartments, Landsdowne, MD 303 units 2000-2010
Bay Ridge Gardens, Annapolis, MD 198 units 2000-2010
Kingsley Park Apartments, Baltimore County, MD 312 units 2000-2003
Autumn Woods Apartments, Bladensburg, MD 366 units 2000-2004
Mandela Homes, Boston, MA 276 units 1999-2001
Bridlepath Apartments, Randolph, MA 104 units 1993-1997
Queen Anne’s Gate, Weymouth, MA 590 units 1985-2002
Ramblewood Apartments, Holbrook, MA 308 units 1987-2002
Quaker Meadows, Lynn, MA 101 units 1983-1984
Villages at Montpelier, Laurel, MD 520 units 1980-2000
King’s Lynne, Lynn, MA 441 units 1976-1977

Section 3 and M/WBE Compliance Programs Oversight

HOU has a strong track record of hiring and training low-income residents and developing Section 3 and M/WBE compliance programs for developers and housing authorities.  HOU has coordinated Section 3 employment programs at three HOPE VI sites and has been recognized with a 1999 HUD Best Practice Award for resident employment efforts at Allequippa Terrace in Pittsburgh, PA.

View Projects
Location Date
Allequippa Terrace to Oak Hill Apartments, Pittsburgh, PA 1996-present
Elm Haven to Monterey Apartments, New Haven, CT 1998-2003
Southfield Village to Southwood Square, Stamford, CT 1997-2009

Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Certification

A number of HOU Relocation staff are certified to perform HQS inspections of Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) and Moderate Rehabilitation Program units and perform HQS inspections for relocation contracts.  HOU’s ability to conduct HQS inspections has expedited the lease-up process, and the relocation of households from projects slated for redevelopment.

Social Service Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation

HOU has provided social service needs assessment and program evaluation at sites where it is the resident service provider as well as under independent contracts.  HOU staff have assisted residents, ownership and developers in evaluating existing social service providers and creating a plan for community center programming that best suits residents’ needs.  HOU has provided social service program evaluation and community center planning at the following sites:

View Projects
  • Chicago Housing Authority family and elderly developments–2,400 units (Chicago, IL)
  • Chester Towers (Chester, PA)*
  • Liberty View/Fairview Hills (Danville, VA)*
  • Harbor Point Apartments (Boston, MA)
  • Southfield Village/Southwood Square (Stamford, CT)*
  • Allequippa Terrace/Oak Hill (Pittsburgh, PA)*
  • Broadway Homes/Broadway Overlook (Baltimore, MD)*
  • Townhomes on Capitol Hill (Washington, DC)*
  • Bay Ridge Apartments (Annapolis, MD)
  • Villages at Marley Station (Glen Burnie, MD)
  • Circle Terrace (Baltimore County, MD)
  • Autumn Woods (Bladensburg, MD)
  • Hilltop Village (Jacksonville, FL)

*HOPE VI developments

Elderly/Disabled Service Coordination

HOU has expertise gained through its experience operating specialized human service programs designed to meet the needs of low-income elders, adults with mental and physical disabilities as well as substance abusing populations and the mentally ill.  HOU coordinates with management at various sites to provide supportive services for the elderly and disabled including social service and health-related referrals, recreational activities, and assistance with lease compliance issues.  In its work at these sites, HOU has been actively involved in helping residents with “aging in place”, mental health, substance use and financial assistance issues.  HOU’s existing staff includes individuals with extensive experience serving each of these populations.

View Projects
Location Units Date
Ranier Manor, Mt. Rainer, MD 100 units 2014-present
Harbor Point, Boston, MA 1,283 units 1998-present
Keystone Apartments, Boston, MA 228 units 1994-2002
Savin Hill Apartments, Boston, MA 132 units 1994-2002
Cobble Hill Apartments, Somerville, MA 224 units 1994-2002
Millbrook Square Apartments, Arlington, MA 146 units 1994-2002
Salem Heights Apartments, Salem, MA 284 units 1994-2002
Villages At Fawcett’s Pond, Hyannis, MA 100 units 1994-2002
Westborough Country Village, Westborough, MA 87 units 1994-2002

Training and Consulting

HOU shares its expertise through training sessions and consulting assistance with a diverse client base that includes resident organizations, management companies, developers, housing authorities, foundations and other service coordinators.  HOU staff conducts Resident Service Coordinator/Case Manager training sessions, resident council capacity building and provides independent assessments of resident service needs and resources at subsidized housing developments.  David Connelly and HOU staff have also given numerous industry lectures:

View Projects
  • Carabetta Organization
  • Westminster Management Company
  • Millennia Development Corporation
  • EYA
  • Gleichman & Company, Inc.
  • NHP Management Company
  • Lake County Housing Authority (IL)
  • The Enterprise Foundation
  • The Housing in Society Trust
  • National Housing and Rehabilitation Association
  • New England Association of Assisted Housing Managers
  • Maryland Office of Community Development
  • Shore Park/Shore Terrace HOPE VI Resident Consultative Group*
  • Elm Haven Resident Council (Elm Haven Apartments/Monterey Place Apartments)*
  • Southfield Village Resident Council (Southfield Village/Southwood Square)*
  • Columbia Point Community Task Force (Columbia Point/Harbor Point)
  • Hope Village, Inc. (Broadway Homes/Broadway Overlook)*
  • District of Columbia Housing Enterprises at Henson Ridge* and Wheeler Creek*
  • Northeast Resident Service Coordinator Conference (May 2000)
  • The NHP Foundation (October 2000)
  • HUD HOPE VI Conference (November 2000)
  • HUD HOPE VI Conference (March 2002)
  • Housing Development Law Institute Annual Conference (April 2002)
  • American Association of Service Coordinators (October 2003)
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency Conference (June 2004)
  • National Housing & Rehabilitation Agency Conference (August 2005)
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency Commonwealth Housing Forum (April 2007)

*HOPE VI developments

Download Our Corporate Capabilities Document

A PDF version of HOU’s Corporate Capabilities document may be downloaded in its entirety by clicking below:

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