1.    Ensure that residents and clients are receiving the best experience possible while working with HOU staff.  To support this goal sites have to be properly staffed to handle irregular spikes in activity, and staff have to be well trained and supported with professional development.

2.    Increase access to, and strengthen the skills of, HOU staff in leadership positions. We learn best from each other.  Every new site presents a new set of challenges, but most likely some of our colleagues have experienced something similar.  We also need to be intentional and create space to allow people to collaborate, learn, train. 

3.    Organizational structures and leadership does not have to look like a triangle.  There’s real benefits to having a flatter more inclusive leadership approach.  So we are reconfiguring ourselves, leveraging the years of staff experience and leadership that to date have been limited in a geographic/regional way.  The goal, by flattening leadership, is to allow increased responsibility, and support, so people have more space to develop professionally, seek new business, represent HOU at professional networking organizations, etc.


  • David Connelly
    David Connelly
  • Susan Connelly
    Susan Connelly
    Leadership Team, Senior VP
  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones
    Leadership Team, Senior VP
  • Cynthia McCleod
    Cynthia McCleod
    Leadership Team, Senior VP
  • Jeray Wilson
    Jeray Wilson
    Leadership Team, Senior VP
  • Lisa Mangum
    Lisa Mangum
    Leadership Team, Senior VP


  • Marisa Rodrigues
    Marisa Rodrigues
    Assistant Project Director
  • Bonnie Lowe
    Bonnie Lowe
  • Gisel Pena
    Gisel Pena
    Senior Accountant