Operations and Site Team

  • Katie Provencher
    Katie Provencher
    Director of Operations
  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones
    Senior Project Director
  • Hannagh Jacobsen
    Hannagh Jacobsen
    Strategic Project Director
  • Cynthia McCleod
    Cynthia McCleod
    Project Director
  • Jeray Wilson
    Jeray Wilson
    Project Director
  • Marisa Rodrigues
    Marisa Rodrigues
    Assistant Project Director

Training and Development

  • Lisa Mangum
    Lisa Mangum
    Director of Training & Development

Finance and Administration

  • Bonnie Lowe
    Bonnie Lowe
  • Gisel Pena
    Gisel Pena
    Senior Accountant
  • Yadelyn Acevedo
    Yadelyn Acevedo
    Office Associate