Relocation Services

HOU’s relocation services encompass the planning, surveying, relocating, and follow-up of each resident into their new or renovated living space.
HOU also focuses on the tracking and reporting of critical priority tasks, oversight, and administration during each phase of the project.

Relocation Services Offered:

  • Permanent Off-Site
    During off-site relocation projects, HOU will identify off-site units with adequate accommodations to meet each affected household’s requirements. Then HOU coordinates the relocation of those households to those units located away from the site of construction and redevelopment.
  • Temporary Off-Site/On-Site
    Temporary relocation is the relocation of households for a time period of less than 12 months. This relocation can be off-site or on-site, depending on the project.
  • Resident-in-place
    During renovation-in-place, households are relocated only during the contractor’s work day and then the resident returns for the evening and night. This type of relocation is usually for renovations such as refurbishment of bathrooms, kitchens, doors, floors, walls, and ceilings.

HOU supports Resident Relocation services for Development Projects of any scale:

  • Site redevelopment and revitalization
  • Complete structural rehabilitation of the building
  • Unit-by-unit, residents-in-place, apartment complex renovations

HOU works together with Construction Project Management to develop:

  • A comprehensive plan to relocate residents safely out of the work area for the duration of the project
  • Budgets, timelines and performance reporting that realistically support the objectives of the project

HOU has successfully accomplished the relocation of over 37,000 households in connection with major revitalization efforts.