Consulting Services

HOU provides support for real estate development and housing agency clients to fully comply with federal, state, and local housing regulations. 

These regulations govern the parties engaged in publicly-supported construction and renovation projects involved in renovating rental and owned apartment developments in low-income communities.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited supports the objectives and engages in the activities required to achieve a sustainable and continuously improving community of residents and tenants. HOU works to restore and enhance the quality of the apartment living space and the safety, security, and support services necessary to meet regulatory mandates and guidelines. This is done to achieve positive, safe, and secure community environments.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited provides resident relocation and project support consulting and training services to a diverse client base, including resident organizations, management companies, developers, housing authorities, foundations, and other organizations across the United States. Using the expertise developed over 42 years, HOU has tailored our consulting deliverables to meet the needs of each new engagement.

HOU first provided planning assistance for the Indianapolis Housing Authority in 1994. During this early project, HOU’s consulting work grew to include assistance with resident relations and writing Community Development and Self-Sufficiency Plans. Since then, HOU has led the development of HUD-approved CSS Workplans and Hope VI applications for its clients.

HOU provides relocation consulting services to clients during their site redevelopment approval process, from the application writing phase through project completion. Housing authorities, developers, and other ownership entities seek HOU’s expertise regarding application compliance with governing relocation regulations, the development of relocation implementation plans, and additional relocation technical assistance.

As a stand-alone consulting project or as an integral part of Housing Opportunities Unlimited’s Relocation and Resident Services work at an existing site, HOU conducts service provider evaluations, community needs assessments, and focus groups to identify services and programs needed by residents. This can include the training and facilitating of Resident Services Committees, including Hope VI Resident Councils, as they meet regularly to discuss ongoing and evolving resident needs and community center program planning.

HOU has served as the HOPE VI evaluator to assess housing authority progress in meeting their HOPE VI CSS work plan goals for case management, career development, educational enhancement, homeownership, relocation, economic impact, and availability of resident support resources.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited works with management and residents to address community issues and lease violations to improve residents’ quality of life and prevent unnecessary evictions.  On-site resident service coordination encompasses developing, coordinating, and monitoring educational and recreational programs for youth and seniors, access to jobs and training programs, and systems for responding to management referrals.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited is committed to the values and benefits derived from helping residents actively participate in the redevelopment of their communities. In HOU’s work on major redevelopment projects nationwide, we have helped community-based organizations build capacity, raise funds, and administer grants. This work is accomplished on a consulting project basis or under the deliverables in a relocation project implementation.

HOU has led numerous strategic planning engagements related to the implementation of comprehensive community and supportive service programs. We have developed HUD-approved Community and Supportive Services Work plans for public housing communities in transition due to major redevelopment. This work aims to build plans for the long-term sustainability of new and vibrant communities.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited relocation and case management staff hold certifications to perform Quality Standards (HQS) inspection of resident units for Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) and Moderate Rehabilitation Program compliance. This work is done on a stand-alone consulting contract or as part of a Relocation Implementation project. HOU’s ability to perform HQS inspections as part of our relocation contracts has expedited the lease-up process and, consequently, the relocation of households from projects slated for redevelopment.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited has a strong track record of developing Section 3 and Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) compliance programs for developers and housing authorities. These programs include the hiring and training of low-income residents. HOU has been recognized for its work coordinating Section 3 employment programs at HOPE VI sites with a HUD Best Practice Award for resident employment efforts.

HOU has coordinated Section 3 employment programs at three HOPE VI sites and has been recognized with a HUD Best Practice Award for resident employment efforts at Allequippa Terrace in Pittsburgh, PA. HOU assisted an Allequippa Terrace resident start a moving company by helping them develop a company business plan, facilitating the resident’s participation in a training program for small business owners, and arranging for a small business start-up loan. HOU then contracted with this moving company to perform 40% of the relocation moves at this site. HOU also recruited and contracted with minority-owned moving companies for all our relocations in Washington, DC.

HOU is committed to helping clients meet compliance programs and requirements because we believe it contributes to the overall success of the redevelopment project and the community and lives of each resident.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited has provided social service needs assessment and program evaluation at sites where it is the resident service provider and under independent contracts. HOU staff have assisted residents, owners, and developers in evaluating existing social service providers and creating a plan for community center programming that best suits residents’ needs.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited has expertise gained through its experience operating specialized human service programs designed to meet the needs of low-income seniors, adults with physical and mental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders. In its work at these sites, HOU has been actively involved in helping residents with aging in place, mental health, substance use and financial assistance. 

HOU coordinates with management at various sites to provide supportive services for senior residents and residents with disabilities, including social service and health-related referrals, recreational activities, and assistance with lease compliance issues. The HOU resident services and case management staff have extensive experience in human services.

Housing Opportunities Unlimited shares its expertise through training sessions and consulting assistance with a diverse client base, including resident organizations, management companies, developers, housing authorities, foundations, and other service coordinators. HOU staff conducts Resident Service Coordinator/Case Manager training sessions, resident council capacity building, and provides independent assessments of resident service needs and resources at subsidized housing developments.