The HOU leadership team collaborates with the project development/management team to develop a comprehensive plan as a guide to relocate and track residents and tenants for the duration of the project. This plan includes budgets and timelines that realistically support the objectives of the redevelopment, renovation, or, rehabilitation-in-place construction project.

HOU assists clients and the affected residents through each step of the project.

1. Relocation Plan

  • Development of a comprehensive Relocation Plan in accordance with the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (URA) and all applicable state and local regulations.

2. Pre-Relocation Services

  • Relocation Notices
  • Relocation Surveys/Assessments:
    • Customize household relocation survey to fit the unique needs of the affected residents
    • Establish and maintain relocation files for each household, including a copy of the survey, all tenant notices, tenant contact information, relevant photos, and inventory forms.
  • Other Consulting Services
    • Participate in meetings with development team members, including a heavily-involved Management and Resident Services staff, construction general contractor, and other entities regarding the upcoming project

3. Relocation Implementation

  • Conduct language-focused community meetings and relocation workshops
  • Assist in the identification and set-up of relocation units
  • Work cohesively with Property Management and Resident Services staff to identify and coordinate services for households with special needs
  • Schedule and facilitate resident moves
  • Work closely with construction, Property Management, and the development team to ensure moves are completed in accordance with schedule.
  • Collaborate with Resident Services to assist every household in completion of the required relocation paperwork
  • Collaborate with Property Management to ensure all requirements are met prior to resident vacating their units
  • Work closely with Resident Services staff and Property Management to address social service-related barriers to relocation and to ensure uninterrupted service provision to households while they are relocated

Other Planning and Implementation Services Include:

  • Develop and implement relocation tracking systems, including tracking of relocation expenses
  • Develop regular reporting systems and special reports, as requested
  • Conduct file audits, supervision, oversight, and quality control
  • Attend informational meetings with residents and other stakeholders
  • Participate in regular meetings with development team members, Management, Resident Services staff, Construction General Contractor, and other entities to discuss renovation schedule and any relocation issues
  • Provide Social Service Program Evaluation and Technical Assistance
  • Conduct Communications and outreach, notices and meetings with residents
  • Prepare Staffing plan for HOU resources
  • Conduct relocation counseling of relocation options
  • Provide On-site Case Management and Resident Services
  • HOPE VI Community and Supportive Services Planning and Implementation
  • Section 3 and M/WBE Participation Compliance Oversight
  • Administer Housing Choice Voucher Program Implementation
  • Provide Resident Council Training and Resident Leadership Development
  • Coordinate Youth Development Services and educational programming
  • Facilitate Elder Services
  • Oversee Family Self-Sufficiency/Welfare-to-Work Program Development including career development and job placement support
  • Develop Database to track resident Case Management and Relocation key data and unit-to-unit project progress to plans
  • Manage Logistics: packing, securing, move-date scheduling
  • Oversee Damages: prevention, reporting, claims