On-Site Resident Services in Multifamily, Mixed Income and Tax Credit Housing

HOU’s Resident Services programs are designed to strengthen individuals and their community by supporting residents and coordinating beneficial services. On-site resident service coordination can encompass the development, coordination and monitoring of educational and recreational programs for youth and/or the elderly, access to jobs and training programs, and systems for responding to management referrals.

HOU’s Resident Support Services play a critical role in the success of communities. HOU staff works closely with property management staff and resident governance organizations and acts as a connector between residents, property management, and area social services that address each residents’ unique needs.

HOU establishes continuing relationships with social and human resources in the area that offer on-site programs that match and connect residents to services that meet the resident and their family’s needs.

HOU staff are actively involved in working with local service providers (such as mental health and substance use disorder counselors, domestic violence prevention and intervention services, elder and disability service providers, financial assistance resources, etc.) to ensure quality services are provided to residents.

Specialized Human Service Programs

HOU has experience operating specialized human service programs designed to meet the needs of elderly people and people with disabilities. Specialized human services experience includes provision for adults with mental and physical disabilities as well as people with substance use disorders and people with mental illness.

HOU coordinates with on-site management to provide supportive services including social service and health-related referrals, recreational activities, and assistance with lease compliance issues. In its work at these sites, HOU becomes actively involved in helping residents with “aging in place,” mental health services, substance use disorders, and financial assistance/management issues. HOU’s staff includes individuals with extensive experience serving each of these populations.

HOU on Advocacy for Residents with HOUSING issues:

  • Advocates for the resident to prevent eviction
  • Organizes, schedules and follows up on Housing Inspections and Re-certifications
  • Works with residents to resolve disputes and promote positive neighbor relations
  • Collaborates with property management and each resident to stay in Compliance with the terms of the lease


  • Arranges residents’ schedules for transportation/mobility for shopping, medical care and community programs
  • Coordinates Community and Recreational Activities for residents to on-site and off-site programs such as arts and crafts, day trips, sporting events and more
  • Arranges for direct help with housekeeping and personal training
  • Arranges Visiting Nurses (VNA) for personal hygiene and care


  • Arranges programs for building Life Skills
  • Arranges and schedules Computer Training
  • Schedules participation in GED programming
  • Facilitates Section 3 job placements
  • Collaborates with external resources to assist residents interested in Higher Education, Technical Training, Professional Development and Job Readiness


  • Creates partnerships with area service providers for the benefit of residents
  • Works purposefully to find nearby service providers that offer programs to meet residents’ varied circumstances
  • Maintains communication with service provider staff and, if applicable, residents’ case worker to effectively support resident


  • Conducts one-on-one and group training sessions on Personal/Household spending and budgeting
  • Provides guidance and referrals to outside agencies on credit repair and savings strategies
  • Provides guidance and referrals to first-time home buyer and loan programs